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Finally — A student affairs approach to wellness

An interdepartmental wellness platform for student affairs.


8 Wellness Dimensions

The Challenge

Student affairs professionals know that the link between student wellness and learning is strong and continuously seek to make student wellness a priority. Most professionals know that wellness is not accomplished as a stand-alone process. It needs to be integrated into the culture of the campus.

Still, the idea of launching and maintaining a sustained and effective interdepartmental wellness program is daunting to say the least. Student services departments are often constrained by their department initiatives and can find it challenging to coordinate with multiple departments. Finally, a solution has been created to help administrators make coordinated wellness simple.

The Solution

CampusWell is a versatile platform that helps make a multi-departmental wellness initiative simple, sustainable, and engaging. Each participating student services department becomes a source of authoritative, relevant knowledge for students, presented in the context of a unified vision of student well-being. Our solution to making campus wellness simple is built on three foundational concepts:

First, student affairs departments are already inextricably aligned with wellness. Take a look at the graphic above to see how various student services departments are already supporting the traditional dimensions of wellness.

Second, the use of content marketing in promoting wellness to students is a proven and useful engagement tool.

Finally, any interdepartmental wellness initiative should seek to leverage its existing student services in the context of a holistic wellness environment. Using technology, high quality, research-based content, and proven marketing strategies, together with your existing assets, we deliver a campus-wide wellness platform that will positively impact your students and institution.

Meets students where they are, on their terms:

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Anonymous, comfortable, accessible

Delivered via mobile app, social media, email, and print

Customization for your school

  • Your school’s brand, resources, and events
  • Option to add your own content and reporters, or tailor ours
  • Special editions for nontraditional, faith-based, and Canadian institutions

Fresh, top-quality content

  • Dynamic, multi-platform, evidence-based, ad free
  • All-new content every month
  • Best practices in health communication and behavior messaging

Brings out the best in students

  • Surging engagement: 3-4 million visits every year
  • Changes students’ health and wellness behaviors
  • Peer mentoring and student-generated content
  • of current clients are “very pleased” or “pleased” with their overall experience 92% 92%
  • of students say they apply article content in their daily lives 86% 86%
  • of clients are “very likely” or “likely” to recommend to their colleagues at other institutions 91% 91%

Requires less than 5 hours of your time every month

Custom reports on usage, learning outcomes, and feedback

Multi-media promotional tools developed for you