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While some of your students may find online learning convenient and flexible, others may be struggling. The challenges of academic success aren’t new to students, and studying at home can lead to additional concerns.

For example, some students may not have enough space or quiet to focus on their material. Others may be facing increased financial challenges or significant responsibilities at home—and these may be over and above the systemic barriers regularly faced by Black, indigenous, and students of color. Many college students long to return to the in-person, hands-on learning educational environment that is now, unfortunately, limited due to the pandemic.

According to EducationData, as of June 2020, 97 percent of college students switched to online instruction due to COVID-19 and 63 percent indicated that the online instruction they received was worse than in-person instruction.

Distance learning can be difficult for even the most well-equipped instructors and students. Your students’ struggles are an opportunity for you to support them in new ways to help them realize their goals of graduating from your institution. Here are several opportunities to set your students up for academic success and keep them motivated and on-track through distance learning.


97 percent of college students switched to online instruction due to COVID-19


63 percent indicated that the online instruction they received was worse than in-person instruction

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Students who study from home may need additional reminders and motivation to prioritize their academic work—especially when they’re not on campus surrounded by others invested in higher education. As a school administrator, you can send regular messages that encourage students to stay in touch with faculty, engage with online study partners or groups, and use proven study methods such as time management, time blocking, and metacognition.

Students who are off-campus are not easily able to go to the library or attend in-person tutorials or office hours. Making as many of these resources available online 24/7 will help your students access them whenever and wherever they are studying.

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When new resources become available online, be sure to announce them to students. Include library services, student affairs departments, and academic materials. If some well-established resources are being underutilized, announce reminders that they’re still available and how they can be used in a remote setting.

Feature resource directories

Create a web page that serves as your primary directory of online resources. The directory can consist of links as well as instructions on how students can access them. Feature your resource directory by prominently displaying it on your student-facing web pages as an option in your main menu and a clickable image on your welcome page. 

Use event calendars and automated reminders

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Students may not be familiar with—or may forget about—events and appointments that you offer to help them with their studies. By posting calendars of upcoming events and available appointments, students can be made aware of them in advance and can choose dates and times that work for them. Including automated reminders will help busy or distracted students miss fewer opportunities to get the support they need.

Connect with your students via an online platform

CampusWell provides many avenues for each of your departments to effectively reach distance learning students online. We can provide your institution with a school-branded website to help students find the study resources and directories mentioned above, as well as your calendar, announcements, and reminders to help keep students up-to-date and motivated to study. A custom content feed can also be embedded into your current school website or learning management system. 

In addition to CampusWell’s online communication platform, we provide featured content on your behalf to support your students’ academic success. Our evidence-based articles cover topics such as time management, studying, test taking, and mental health.

CampusWell is a versatile platform that helps make a multi-departmental wellness initiative simple, sustainable, and engaging. Using technology, high quality, research-based content, and proven marketing strategies, together with your existing assets, we deliver a campus-wide wellness platform that will positively impact your students and institution.


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