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With in-person lectures, appointments, and workshops being suspended for the foreseeable future, it’s hard to know the best way to communicate with your students and keep them engaged. You may be wondering how to transition online with effective campus outreach strategies that can deliver updates and academic information, while at the same time provide your students with a sense of normalcy.

Imagine an online platform that: 

  • Seamlessly and effectively communicates this critical content to your students. 
  • Helps you reach more of your students by being visible where they spend most of their time online—on social media.
  • Allows each department to easily publish, customize, and control their own content in whatever form best serves their messaging (e.g., videos, images, and/or blog posts).  

CampusWell delivers all of these conveniences and more in an easy to use, all-in-one platform.

CampusWell has given our institution a way to share and organize information and resources, while also keeping our students connected with programs and offerings related to well-being across campus,” says Whitney Boroski, Manager of Student Health and Wellness at Michigan Technical University.

Here are three ways you can leverage CampusWell to effectively communicate critical information to your students while they are studying remotely.

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1. Workshops and presentations

Use your branded website to post recorded workshops and presentations. Young people tend to prefer videos to text, so uploading videos on essential topics to your custom CampusWell site is a great way to provide resources to your students in a format that will grab their attention. The videos don’t have to be highly polished; they simply have to deliver the critical information. For example, student affairs departments and professors can record workshops and lectures, and then publish them on CampusWell to engage students remotely.


2. Images, posters, and slideshowsposter icon

Do you have informational posters that you’d normally hang in residence halls, bathrooms, or other buildings around campus? What about slideshows for digital screens? With CampusWell, you can post all of these materials on your customized platform for students to see, just like they would if they were on campus.


blog icon3. Blog posts (with design support)

As a CampusWell client, you get our professionally written wellness articles, plus the option of publishing your own custom blog posts to help you stay connected with your students. Your content can come from multiple departments and cover a variety of topics, such as online events, important deadlines, and where students can turn for help. 

You can publish an unlimited number of custom posts to your branded site. As a bonus, we will professionally design up to six of these for you each month so they’re attractive and appeal to your students. 

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How to ensure your campus outreach strategy is effective

As your content is published and available online, you’ll need to reach out to your students so they are aware of it. Email can help you stay in touch, but it probably doesn’t surprise you that there are other, more engaging ways to connect with students—especially now when they are overwhelmed with online news and other distractions flooding their inboxes.


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Content integration

CampusWell can help add your content to various web properties like CampusLabs, the school intranet or learning management system, or various department web pages for increased visibility.


social heart iconSocial media

CampusWell can also integrate your content into your students’ Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat feeds so you can leverage these platforms for even more effective campus outreach. A recent study in the Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology found that a large proportion of college students—64 percent—passively acquire health information on the web more than once a month. We can help you use this opportunity to share information with more of your students remotely.


mobile phone money iconPaid ads

Having social media as part of your communication strategy helps you reach more students and bring them to your content. However, there are algorithms that place limits on how many people see certain social media posts. Inexpensive paid ads provide an even more powerful way to connect with your students. Whether they are on Instagram or Snapchat, we can help ensure your content reaches students on social media using cutting-edge technology based on IP addresses.

CampusWell makes campus outreach during these unprecedented times simple, effective, and sustainable. Our versatile online platform helps you connect with your students and create a sense of community, even when everyone is working and studying remotely. Now you can have your workshops, presentations, posters, and blog posts all in one place, so nothing gets lost in the inbox. Learn more here or set up a demonstration to see how CampusWell can benefit your school.
Basic, J. and Erdelez, S. (2014). Active and passive acquisition of health‐related information on the Web by college students. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 51: 1-5. doi:10.1002/meet.2014.14505101149