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The team in the Office of Health Promotion at Villanova University has always been active in providing health and wellness resources to their students. Prior to signing up with CampusWell, the department had been using Stall Street Journal posters in bathroom stalls around campus as a health education tool. While students valued these posters, the department still had its challenges.

One obstacle was the financial burden of hiring someone to design the posters every month. Another challenge was that these posters—while valuable—weren’t enough. “Our students really were looking for more readily accessible information,” says Stacy, director of health promotion at Villanova University.

This is when a Villanova staff member learned about CampusWell at a conference and realized what a huge help their services could be. Stacy’s department approached CampusWell with two primary needs: they wanted health information for students on an engaging, convenient, and research-based online platform, and they needed assistance designing the monthly Stall Street Journal.

CampusWell was able to offer both the online content platform and a custom design feature at a cost-effective price point that fit the department’s needs and budget. Now, in addition to getting help designing their Stall Street Journal posters, the department is able to post them online as a custom page on the CampusWell site.

“Our students who live off-campus also get to read it every month, which is what they were asking for.” Stacy says.

The ability to customize articles within the platform has been a major benefit for Stacy’s department and other Villanova staff members. She notes that the Title IX coordinator appreciates that the articles focused on sexual violence can be linked back to her contact information, which allows students to easily connect with her when needed. They have also been able to add their own policy information to articles. “That feature, particularly as it relates to sexual violence, has been really helpful,” she says.

As Villanova continues its partnership with CampusWell, Stacy is excited to see how the platform can help the university engage with students even more. “I believe that, moving forward, this is going to be a major outlet for us,” she says. She notes that her department plans to use the Client Portal to see what articles students are reading, as well as to advertise events and initiatives on campus through custom posts.

Her advice for other universities thinking of signing up with CampusWell? “Make full use of the resources available to you.” Schools that take advantage of all features included with the platform can more effectively serve their students in the same way Stacy’s department has.

CampusWell helped us achieve a more dynamic, student-friendly, engaging way to connect with our students.”

CampusWell is a versatile platform that helps make a multi-departmental wellness initiative simple, sustainable, and engaging. Using technology, high quality, research-based content, and proven marketing strategies, together with your existing assets, we deliver a campus-wide wellness platform that will positively impact your students and institution.