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Students often have a difficult time finding their footing when they transition into a new school or semester, especially when it comes to juggling schoolwork, social pressures, and overall health.

“I know I struggled a lot when I went to law school with that balance,” says Kaitlyn, a current law student at Florida International University. “It’s kind of like being thrown into this new world where you have so much more on your plate.”

Kaitlyn found CampusWell to be a beneficial resource that helped her learn how to adjust to these changes. Content focused on mental health and physical fitness was particularly useful when it came to finding that balance again. “I really appreciate those kinds of articles,” she says, adding that she now loves taking fitness classes at her school.

These articles inspired Kaitlyn to make changes to better regulate her school-life balance. However, the biggest impact CampusWell has made on her day-to-day life relates to her physical health, particularly when it comes to nutrition and meal-prepping.

After being diagnosed with a condition that causes her to experience fainting spells, doctors told Kaitlyn that she needed to make some changes to her diet—particularly when it came to increasing her salt intake.

“I’m a very health-conscious person, so I always stayed away from salt,” she says. “And then I come to find out that I need more salt because it helps me retain water!”

Kaitlyn knew that she needed to pay closer attention to exactly what she was putting into her body in order to better manage her condition, so she started to implement what she had learned about meal-prepping through CampusWell articles. “I started getting really into meal-prepping and packing more snacks, and trying to add more good salt into my diet and then also adding more protein,” she says.

For Kaitlyn, it was more than just a shift in diet. It was a lifestyle change that she was excited about, and one that had a positive impact on her well-being and commitment to her health. “I even bought some containers for the week, and I pre-make my snacks for the day,” she says.

Kaitlyn has been able to use CampusWell as a resource for both her physical and mental health, and encourages other students to see what articles resonate with them. Whether it has to do with nutrition and meal-prepping, striking a school-life balance, or another wellness-related topic, every student can find what they need on CampusWell.

“It’s also just a quick, easy way during your day to get some of that info about little ways you can change things,” she says. “Changing one habit can have a huge effect.”

Our CampusWell online wellness publication can play an essential role in your students’ physical health. We help you provide students with evidence-based, relatable articles created with original input from subject matter experts. Each feature provides students with actionable steps to enhance all areas of their well-being—including healthy eating habits. Learn more here or set up a demonstration to see how CampusWell can benefit your school.