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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting everyone. With campuses closing and shifting to online learning in record time—for an unknown duration—many students are missing their friends and professors, opportunities to study abroad, and even their graduation.

You’re likely concerned with how your students are responding to this unprecedented crisis and may be wondering what you can do to better support their wellbeing.


How college students are responding

While many students are volunteering and doing what they can to help, most are finding this sudden and unexpected shift in their lives megaphone icondifficult to navigate. They are transitioning to learning online and missing hands-on learning experiences. They may be struggling to maintain healthy lifestyles while being stuck inside their homes and frustrated with their sudden lack of freedom. Many have moved back home and are facing additional social and relationship challenges there. These changes have happened so quickly that college students are understandably feeling a growing sense of stress and overwhelm.


Students need trustworthy, relatable resources—now more than ever

Never has there been a greater need for accurate and practical information for your students. They see confusing and contradictory messages on social media on how to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. Many are seeking effective strategies to learn online, protect their mental health, and navigate relationship changes mandated by physical distancing. Unable to visit the campus gym or dining halls, students would also benefit from simple, nutritious recipes and guided fitness videos for at-home workouts.

During these stressful times, we want to encourage behaviors that will help students prevent the spread of COVID-19 while staying physically and mentally well, and able to continue their education. CampusWell is known for providing effective education for students verified site iconusing science-backed articles on intellectual, physical, social, and emotional wellness. Our articles are written with original input from subject matter experts and cover a range of topics to help guide your students through the pandemic and beyond, such as:

  • Successfully completing online studies
  • Affordable and healthy recipes
  • Small-space fitness routines
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction
  • Navigating relationship difficulties

In light of the pandemic, we have also created timely content about COVID-19 to help your students learn practical ways to protect themselves and others based on the latest medical advice, as well as relatable tips on adjusting to day-to-day life under these new conditions. Our customizable online platform is available to your students 24/7 on any device.

CampusWell can play an essential role in your students’ ability to get through these unprecedented times. Learn more here or set up a demonstration to see how CampusWell can benefit your school.
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